The Getman Family


The Getman Family Association meets yearly on the first Saturday of August.  Generally the family friendly meeting sites have an historical and Getman connection.

***NEW***Family DNA testing:

Anyone who is interested in the DNA testing can find all of the information they need just by visiting the site.  If they have questions, the people at FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) have been very helpful answering my questions over the phone.


As far as the tests go, the higher marker test that you order, the more accurate the results you will get.  Clyde only ordered the 12 marker test and the people at FTDNA told me, that at that level, many of the matches could just be coincidental.  I purchased the 67 marker test myself and I have found a cousin with whom I had a common ancestor five generations ago (that was pretty cool).


I believe when you order a test kit, you will have the option to sign up for a surname project.  Ours can be found by clicking the tab for "Projects" (from the home page) and then clicking the letter "G" under "Surname Projects."  From there it is just a matter of scrolling for the name Getman.


I think it would be great if we could establish a link with someone in Germany.


Mark Buddle

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Getman News Spring 2013

An enjoyable part of working on our family history for me is being able to connect with relatives, both distant, and sometimes not so distant, who provide information on family members about whom I had known little more than a name and time of birth.  The web page has been an opportunity to become acquainted with cousins I had not known, and to learn more about the Getman family of which we are a part.  And we do not know how many find us on the internet and learn more about our family, but may not contact us until they have a question

Most of us have some historical items about our near ancestors, or even some anecdotes about family members that would be of interest to others.  Last year we received a copy of a 1743 property transfer to Frederick Getman (1693-1781) which helped to clarify questions about the homestead in Stone Arabia.

Write to us, we are happy just to know who you are, and may be able to put you in contact with others you may not know who may have a question you can answer, or an answer to your question.

And the annual reunion in August is a time to be together, share some of our stories, and learn about our early family and the Mohawk Valley where they lived.  An exciting program is being planned to this year’s meeting.  Plan on being with us.