The Getman Family





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The Getman Family

   The history of this family is Interwoven with the history of Montgomery county, from Revolutionary times till now and the family is spread over a goodly section of the western end of the county, in St. Johnsville, Canajoharie, Fort Plain, Fonda, Tribes Hill, Johnstown. N. Y. and other towns and villages. A genealogy of the family would show them to have entered in most every walk of life, farmers, merchants, lawyers and businessmen of all professions, thereby giving a good cross section of the history of the Mohawk valley.

(Saint Johnsville, New York, ENTERPRISE AND NEWS, Wednesday, February 19, 1936)

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   Family history is a lot more than lists, charts and compilations. These are some of the tools that guide us as we learn about our heritage, but they aren’t the most interesting part. People, their personalities, and achievements are their contributions to future generations.

   If you have a story about a Getman or Getman descendant, that you would like to share, please send it in for inclusion.

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The Leader-Herald, Gloversville - Johnstown, NY,

Saturday, November 17, 1962

   A 250 year-old deed signed by pioneer Frederick Getman has been discovered by historical research in the area.

   The deed transferred certain lands in the Stone Arabia Patent to the settler's son, Capt. Christian Getman.

   Ralph Parent, Ilion, president of the Getman Family Association, was advised of the find by Franklin J. Bowman, a Scarsdale historian. The paper was presented to Mr. Bowman by Mrs. Harold Lane, Lassellsville. Her father, Asa Getman, was born and reared in the original Getman homestead at Ephratah.

   Seven hundred acres of this land were acquired in the early 1700s by Frederick Getman and certain parts are still in the possession of G. Russell Getman, a linear descendant of the original settler. An investigation in 1957 revealed that the land was once the site of a Mohawk village in the 14th Century.

   Excavations indicated that a long house of the Iroquois was located on the land. Posts that had been driven into the ground left traces in the soil. The material was found to be radioactive, when analyzed, and the date of construction was set at about 1300 A. D., long before Columbus discovered America.

   Does anyone have information about the 1957 study? Can you locate the Deed and or other papers that are relevant? The Association would like to obtain copies.

Genealogy record note:

(Wayne Getman)

   As I go through the process of updating our records of the Getman descendants, it becomes more and more evident that the decendency lines intermingle. In order to show this I have begun to modify the original identity numbers.

   The story which follows is an example of this. Mary Elizabeth the subject of the articles was originally recorder as GFG # B 502, following her father’s line. Her mother was a Getman descendant also from two branches of the A line (she was originally GFG # A 281 and became GFG # A 281/A when I discovered the second A line. This then made Mary Elizabeth GFG # B 502/A/A indicating that there are three lines of ancestors that lead to Caspar Getman.


Facebook Wasn’t Needed in the 1800’s


Newspapers Were Everywhere.



Mary Elizabeth Getman Spoar

GFG # B 502 / A / A

Daughter of
Jacob Getman (B-180 and Elizabeth Nellis (A-281/A)

The Evening Times, Little Falls, NY, July 24, 1895

The Green Eyed Monster

   For some time past the family relations between Calvin Spoar and wife of Ephratah, have been of a strained character so much so that a separation has been the result. On Saturday night last, between 6 and 7 o'clock, Mrs. Spoar, accompanied by a girl named Ollie Kennicatt, started from that village, driving in the direction of Johnstown. A short distance out of that village they were joined by a man and the three drove off together. Spoar was on the lookout from the first moment in these proceedings, and being of a very jealous disposition, decided to follow them. He succeeded in overtaking them, and when they refused to stop, be drew a revolver and fired three shots one of which is reported to have taken effect in Mrs. Spear's shoulder, inflicting a slight wound. This did not have the effect of stopping the fleeing parties, who continued on their course, and as Mr. Spoar’s horse was unable to keep up the pace, he turned about and returned home. Nothing has been done in the matter.

Johnstown Daily Republican, NY, undated, 1895

   Calvin Spoar, a victim of the green eyed monster, who fired three shots at his wife and two companions last Saturday night, an account of which was published in Monday's REPUBLICAN, was arrested yesterday at his home in Ephratah by Constable Hillabrant, on a warrant charging him with assault in the first degree. He was held to bail in the sum of $1,000, which was furnished by relatives in Ephratah.

The Daily Republican, Johnstown, NY, Wednesday, September 18, 1895)

   Mrs. Calvin Spoar has taken up her residence at Johnstown, where she intends to work on gloves for awhile.

(The Daily Leader, Gloversville, NY, Friday, June 8, 1900

   IN SUPREME COURT ... The action of Calvin Spoar against Mary Spoar, a divorce proceeding was next called, and a decree was granted the plaintiff.

NOTE: Calvin remarried in June 27, 1900, and Mary did not.



The Morning Herald, Gloversville and Johnstown, N.Y.

Friday, July 12, 1935

   Approximately one hundred members of the Getman family, one of the oldest in the section, gathered Wednesday at Russell Park, Ilion, for their thirteenth annual reunion. One of the big features was a basket dinner, after which a business meeting was held, when officers were elected and regrets read from relatives in Rock Rapids, Iowa, and Billingham, Washington, as well as other places.

   Orvia Getman of Mayfield, R. D., was elected president of the family for this year and other officials chosen as follows: Vice-President, Mrs. Helen Clifford of Blossvale; Recording Secretary, Frasier Shults, Fort Plain; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. B. J. Oxner, Ilion; Treasurer, Mrs. Albert Getman, Fort Plain, and Historian, Byron L, Getman, Gloversville.

   Directors elected for "two years are: G. Russell Getman, Fort Plain; George B. Getman, Ilion; John W. Getman, Ilion; Ralph Parent, Herkimer, and Mrs. Jennie Palmateer, Fort Plain.

   After the business meeting a social time was enjoyed and much pleasure derived from chatting of family affairs. Charles Getman of Buffalo and Earl Getman of Watertown, were present and offered a chart of the family which proved most interesting.

   It was decided to dedicate a memorial to the family ancestor, Frederick Getman, born in Germany in 1693, along the state highway from Ephratah to Stone Arabia on October 19, 1935. Full details of the dedication will be announced later in the Summer.

   NOTE: The above mentioned monument will be one of the stops during the 2014 reunion in August.

From the Holly Standard, NY, 1981



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