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     June 2013       


At The Printers

   A book .covering the first six generations of Getmans, starting with Caspar is being printed and will be available at the August reunion. Included in the book are the known descendants of all of the family lines, including daughters.

   500 pages in length on 8 ½ x 11 paper this represents countless hours of research by our predecessors as well as input from many current researchers. Printing costs are high so the print run is small.

   The book will be available at a price of $42.00 per copy plus shipping, which is estimated at $5.00 each.

   Copies purchased or picked up at the reunion will not have a shipping charge.

Generations 4, 5 and 6 of the new book, ready to be proofread.

Getman Association to Meet
August 3, 2013

      The Getman Association Annual Meeting will be held August 3, 2013 at the Hotel Utica, Utica New York. This year we will visit the Erie Canal village, near Rome. Those coming from outside of the area will be able to take advantage of a group rate, while those who prefer to attend for the day have that option.

   Hotel Utica has put together the following package for the “Getman Reunion”.

   When making your reservations, please notify Wayne Getman concerning the Association meeting and you rooming arrangements.

Aug. Fri 2 – Sat 3 – Sun 5

$100.00 per night per room. Breakfast buffet included. Separate meeting room for use after breakfast and dinner. A block of ten rooms is available. In order to take advantage of the group rate, identify yourself as part of the Getman reunion.

Friday: arrival, check in, have your evening meal etc. according to individual schedules.


8:00 breakfast buffet ($6.00 charge for those who are not staying at the hotel)

9:00 meet in the lobby of the Hotel Utica.

Drive to and tour Erie Canal Village. (admission fee required)

12:30 Lunch at the Franklin Hotel (same as last year).

2:00 Reserved Train excursion at Erie Canal Village ($5.00 admission required).

6:00 Dinner at the Hotel Utica, order off the menu, individual checks.

7:00 pm Association meeting, discussions etc.

Sunday: am, 8:00 breakfast buffet and depart on individual schedules.

Reservations:  Please notify both the hotel and the association.

Hotel Utica: 315-724-7829


Wayne Getman    315-845-8014